522 E. Iris Dr.

Nashville, TN 37204


"As a writer who lives outside of Nashville, I was a little bit unsure and concerned of utilizing a studio that I knew personally, nothing about. In 2009, after some research, I sent my first three songs to The 515. In a matter of days, any fear I had was quickly, and incredibly relieved. Rod, Chip, Ben, Trevor, Bobby, Tim, Mike, Smith, Dane, and all of the rest who make up the fabric of this incredible studio have become my primary “go-to” for my writes. What kills me is that to date, I have not been able to look each of them in the eyes and tell them thank-you. Their skill, and the care that they show for my songs defies description. I get very positive comments from pros in the industry all of the time, on the quality of my demos.
If you are a writer looking to up your game when it comes to showcasing your songs, I would not hesitate for a moment in trusting your music to the very capable ability of the crew at The 515!"

-Brad Y.

People saying nice things about us!


"You all did such an AMAZING job on the songs! When I received them yesterday I just cried- it sounded so good! Thanks so much!"

-Cari J.

"I love working with Chip, Rod, Ben, Bobby, the band and the lineup of 515 vocalists. They’re super-talented, professional, patient and just a plain cool hang.  Whether you’re new to songwriting and recording or a seasoned pro, writing for friends and family or pitching to major labels, they’ll give you and your song everything they’ve got. The 515 has it all - sweet studio tone, a killer band, great vocalists, professional production and final mixes, and competitive prices -  in a fun and no-stress environment."

-Michael H.

-"I wanna give a big thank you to Chip, Rod, Trevor, Ben, All the Fantastic Musicians and backup singers at 515 Studio for an Awesome Recording experience!
We took a week off in May this year for a 15 track recording vocal session in Nashville, TN. Kid Norkjen recorded his new album "This is Me ", was released the middle of October which is getting a lot of Airplay around the World ! The track: ”Living in Peace” is getting a lot of airplay in many countries after the terror attacks in Paris, and we made a new video for it on You Tube.
We also released two Christmas tracks, recorded in 515 studio, the download single “Wonderful Christmas” and the release of "It`s Christmas” which is on a Compilation Album called " Christmas Around The Corner Vol. I”, and it has 10 other tracks by various artists which is distributed by BIG FUSS Records due out on Nov 27th 2015!
So much is going on and we are looking forward to visiting Nashville again for another session in 2016! Thanks again all you guys at 515 Studio. You are the Best xoxo"

- Charlotte C.

"Thanks again for taking my ideas and worktapes and transforming them into full blown songs I'm proud to call mine! Your creativity, professionalism, and hospitality never cease to amaze me."

-Rusty G.

"I've been working with the 515 for several years now and have been very happy with the results.  From contacting Ben about doing some songs, to preproduction work with Chip and Rod, to laying down the tracks with Trevor and the musicians, it is top quality and everyone is always so nice.  For vocals I've worked mostly with Ron Wallace, Mickey Kelly and Brittini Black and they always do such a great job.  I get a lot of complements on the quality of my demos from industry people.  I feel that the folks at the 515 are not just people that demo my songs, but they are also my friends.  I love to come by and just hang out at the studio sometimes when I'm in Nashville!!
I also enjoy Chip's tips (I have his book) and Ben's cartoons!"

-Launnie G.

"The 515 Studio was the best experience I've had and you know I've done this for 20 years with some of the biggest producers in the world. You guys by far are the best. Unbelievable job!"

-Kevin D.

"You guys are fantastic!!! I am always blown away by the unbelievable caliber of talent The 515 has never failed to deliver! Sure appreciate the high quality of production, musicianship, and engineering! Thanks for taking our songs to a much higher level than what we ever imagined, and for making us feel at home and part of the family at The 515 Studio!"

-Cari Lynn Y.