Q: How do I submit a song I want to record?
A: Contact THE 515 studio manager either via phone or e-mail. He will e-mail you confirming that THE 515 will be recording your song on an available session date. The Studio Manager will also direct you to submit the pertinent information about your song (Genre, Singer you choose, etc.) and, at that point, you will also be able to attach an MP3 of your work demo. Select your recording package and youʼll be good to go!!!

Q: Can I submit a vocal only work demo?
A: Yes, but you may be charged up to a $150.00 arrangement and guitar/vocal work demo fee. The amount of this fee will be determined by the amount of time necessary to prepare your song for presentation to be recorded by the band.

Q: Will I be able to hear my song before itʼs finished?
A: Yes!!! You will be able to participate in all facets of the recording of your song either here at the studio in person or via 'Skype'. Your song will be assigned a session date when you book your recording. You will be given an approximate time that your song will be tracked with the musicians at the conclusion of your pre-production meeting. The Studio Manager will have e-mailed you the link to connect with the “live stream” in advance of the session. Just click the link a few minutes before your scheduled time for tracking (recording the music tracks with the musicians) and you will be able to see the engineer in the control room and hear your song being recorded from audio generated through THE 515 recording console. There will also be a “chat room” (after you open the link) where you will be able to type your comments to the producer as your song is being recorded.
You will also be able to participate when the vocals to your song are being recorded via the “live stream” and chat room. (Note--You will be able to hear the band and producer but your comments will need to be typed in.)

Q: How long will it take to get my song completed?
A: Typically, you will receive your mix within 5 business days from the time the vocals were completed. Unfortunately, THE 515 is at the mercy of whoever you choose to sing your songʼs schedule. The studio manager always tries to book the vocals for your song as close to the tracking date as possible but sometimes a singer will be out of town or unable to do your vocal until a later date. The studio manager will always let you know at the time you select your singer if there will be a potential delay giving you time to select someone else if you choose to do so.

Q: How long does it take for the musicians to record my song?
A: To offer you the low prices The 515 does, we have to record many songs in a session. We allot 30 minutes per song during the tracking portion of your song recording. That may not seem like a lot of time but itʼs ample for your song to get a great track!!! The musicians that play on your song are professionals. Not only are they proficient on their instruments but they listen to all genres of music so they know how to play Country, Pop, R&B, Singer-Songwriter, Americana, etc. Please remember too that the singer is not present with the music tracks for your song are recorded.

Q: Do I need to select a singer when I submit my song?
A: It would be a good idea for you to review all the singers and select someone. The singers need time to figure out what key is optimum for them to have the music tracks recorded in and they also need ample time to learn the song. Waiting until the pre- production meeting to select your singer is not a wise decision!!! If you are having a problem selecting a singer, please contact the Studio Manager as far in advance of the session as possible and he will either be able to suggest someone or refer your request to the producer for his recommendation.

Q: Can I sing my own song?
A: Yes!!! If you are attending the session “in person” the Studio Manager will make arrangements for you to do your vocal while you are in Nashville. If you are not in Nashville we can send you a rough mix of your song (WAV file) and you can take it to your local studio or do it in your home studio then send it back to us. When we receive your vocal, we can put it back in our tracks, add background vocals if you so choose and mix it. Please though, if you are doing your vocal and sending it back to us, make sure you have recorded it at the correct bit and sample rates. (Check with the Studio Manager BEFORE you record your vocal to ensure that it is being done correctly.)

Q: What if I think the vocal isnʼt loud enough when I receive the mix of my song?
A: After you receive the initial mix of your song you will have the opportunity (one time) for mix “tweaks”. Mix tweaks involve things like more or less vocal, more or less guitar, etc. Mix Tweaks do NOT include editing the track to shorten the Intro, Turn Around or adding additional instrumentation to your song. Since you will be online at the time the music tracks are recorded for your song any arrangement issues need to be addressed at that time. (Actually, they should be addressed in the pre-production meeting with the producer and band leader.) After the mix tweak any additional “tweaks” will be billed to you for the studio and engineering time required.

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